Being Patient With Your Brand

by Joey Santos
Posted on January 21, 2013

So you’re driving to work and wouldn’t you know it, you’re absolutely starved. Some McDonalds hash browns would probably hit that spot. No wait, how about some coffee from Starbucks and a soft, moist pastry. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Wait a second… You ate breakfast but for some reason you feel compelled to still go get more, even if it’s not financially sound.

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Welcome to Branding 101. So you’re asking yourself, “What makes a brand great?”. Is it that they have pretty colors and a cool design? Maybe they’re easy to recognize from far distances? While that might have a LITTLE affect, it isn’t the reason. These big guys have created something bigger than a business. They created a brand. Something that sticks in customers minds even after they’ve left. The time and patience that went into creating an experience and more so, executing it, is what keeps them on top. How can you create a similar experience?

Don’t Rush it – You’ve spent too much time planning this business to ruin it by rushing what will be the face of it. Understanding what your business will do and how you want it to be perceived will help you create a nice and neat game plan for your brand.

…But Don’t Spend Too Much Time On It - You’re struggling over letter placement and you want that imagery just right. You’ve game planned for this, don’t stray away from it and more so, don’t agonize.

Stick to the Plan - Whatever your business is or does, make sure that the original plan you set out for your brand is utilized. Times can elicit change but for most instances, short-term successes won’t equal long-term.

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