Facebook Update Gives Brands Bigger Reach. (This is Huge!)

by Joey Santos
Posted on March 3, 2014

120504 facebook like 660 Facebook Update Gives Brands Bigger Reach. (This is Huge!)

For most businesses—including us—our Facebook page is one of the core tools we use in our marketing. While recent changes in the past few years have detoured our ability to reach our complete audience with each update (You got to pay to boost reach), Facebook is seemingly throwing brands a bone.

The new change to Facebook’s News algorithm will give brands the ability to reach a bigger audience than ever before. So, what could be this monumental change?


12614524605 a1ff7f1a05 b Facebook Update Gives Brands Bigger Reach. (This is Huge!)

Sorry guys, Candy Crush is here to stay.

The new change—which is now live—allows one Page to tag a separate brand or celebrity Page in a post and have the content (possibly!) appear in the feed of followers of BOTH pages. Meaning that if we posted a story about McDonalds and tagged the McDonalds Page, there is a change that the post could appear to McDonalds fans and Zap Avenue fans News Feeds.

It’s a brand new way to expand your audience while Facebook gets the added benefit of brands working together to promote other pages and increase overall prominence. That is to say—brands will post more on their Pages and try to post higher quality material to reach a bigger audience. Obviously we don’t know how their algorithm works completely, but we’d assume there’s some quality assurance to it.

With the chance of us tagging Google and being able to be seen by their 15 million users would absolute change the way our social media campaign works and functions. Imagine a brand like, “Ethel’s Spaghetti and Stuff” going from 15 fans to 1,000 over night. There is a real possibly of “hitting it big” in the Page sharing business.


ethel made it big Facebook Update Gives Brands Bigger Reach. (This is Huge!)

Goodness gracious, I’m going to need more sauce for these new Google-y fans!

For planning social media campaigns, the days of just posting a random picture while trying to influence an action may be over. It’s the dawn of the Facebook brand unity.

So, what say you small business owners? Let the tagging commence!

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