Finding a Reliable Orlando Web Agency

by Joey Santos
Posted on January 22, 2013

If you’re a business owner, a website is an absolutely must have! With most consumers of today using the web to do their browsing, shopping and socializing, you can use your site as a tool of promotion; allowing new customers to not only see your products, but purchase them.

Of course before you go off and start getting all that delicious green dollar bills, you need to have a quality design AND find a reliable web designer to do it. The search is tougher than it should be and finding the right one is going to be based on your needs.

Getting Started

While you can find loads of designers and agencies on Google and Facebook, you’re best search will be word-of-mouth. If you’re networking or just know a few local business people, ask them who they used and how the experience was. If you sole concern is cost, you may be leading yourself down a dark road of underwhelm. If no one seems to know anyone (loners!), checkout Facebook and click around to see what former customers have said.

You’re Getting Warmer

You’ve found a few web designers and you’re ready to make your decision. One has the best price, one has the best work and one was just really knowledgeable. Who do you pick? Firstly, your website shouldn’t be made for nickels and it shouldn’t cost a yacht. Talk to your web designer about their prices, how most customers react to them and if they’re willing to work around a budget (Good ones will).

It’s the Final Countdown…or Decision…!

While we would love for you to pick us as your Orlando Web Designer, we can merely tell you what we WOULD look for. Meeting deadlines is the most crucial process in web design. Saying it will get on THIS date and actually delivering it on that date. If your web designer is prompt in response and shows a dedication to listening to your needs, you may have a winner, winner, chicken dinner. If you’re still uneasy, ask for a mock-up of the website. Some charge a few bucks for it, but it will give you the intel you need to make the correct decision.

Step #4

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