How to: Turn your Social-Media Fans into Loyal Customers

by Joey Santos
Posted on February 24, 2014

social media talk 1024x853 How to: Turn your Social Media Fans into Loyal Customers

Let’s say you woke up this morning to find your small business Facebook page at 500 likes. Not a bad way to start the day, eh? You’ve got 500 people who’ve agreed that they like your company enough to give you the patented “like”. In your glee, you update your page to celebrate the accomplishment: “We hit 500 likes! Thank you so much everyone!”

Not one person responded, shared or liked your post. What gives?! Figuring out how to convert all those fans into loyal, raving mad customers isn’t a matter of just updating your page. It’s finding the most effective way to channel your positive energy to harness the power of your social data. Sound confusing? It isn’t and we’ll show you 4 simple ways to focus your social media energy.


1. Target your audience.

One of the first things you learn in most marketing classes is that you don’t just target everyone in your attempt for brand awareness. Not everyone is going to convert and for small to medium businesses, they just don’t have to budget to move their social media laser at a broad audience.

Instead, you should invest in the right tools to help you monitor your keywords and phrases related to your business. Note: We can help you with that. Mention is a great tool that offers a free version that should work for most small to medium businesses.

Mention will let you track your mentions from various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, RSS and the big ole’ world wide web.


2. Open your ears and let your fans know you’re listening.

The ghosts of marketing past may have been able to get away with not having to response to customers through print and broadcastbut with social media, there is no one-way channel. Every shared blog post, every comment, retweet and so-forth, require your immediate attention. Social media is a conversation and you should feel obligated to respond.

Your audience wants to know that they’re being heard. People aren’t talking to a Coca-Cola can, they’re talking to the person representing Coca-Cola. They want to know that somewhere behind their monitor is a person excited to hear from them; even more so, has heard them.

This leads to your audience thinking, “This company really listens to meI’m going to tell more people about them”.


3. Take care of those already singing your praises.

If you have customers already sharing your posts and commenting on your blogmake sure you’re taking special care of them. Offering them incentives, such as discounts on your products will keep them coming back to your business again and again. Let’s be honest, how long will one customer continue to sing your praises without ever seeing an incentive? It’s not a matter of them not loving your brandit’s a matter of energy expanded vs reward.

Take care of your loyal customers and they’re take care of you.


4. Post meaningful content.

Your fans and customers don’t want to be fed garbage content or linked to random websites that don’t peak their interests. You also shouldn’t keep serving up content that that exists just to drive sales. Sharing an interest amount of content on specific topics will allow your audience to enjoy your voicenot just your sales pitch.

You will build more meaningful relationships with your customers by engaging with them in their interests and not just trying to drive a sales everyday.

Is it a little more work? Yeah, but it’s a labor of love and more importantlyin the long run it will benefit your brand.

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