Marketing in Orlando: A How-to Guide

by Joey Santos
Posted on January 26, 2013

You’re now the proud owner of a business website! But you can’t seem to figure out how to market the thing. You can hire a company to do it (We’d love to!) or if you’re a go-getter, you can follow these easy steps to get your company website, the qualified traffic it deserves.

image001 Marketing in Orlando: A How to Guide

1. Search engine optimization

SEO may sound like a scary term. Heck, we hear about it all the time and the thousands of dollars it costs to get it done. Optimizing your pages with keywords and figuring out phrases that people will search for is the basic idea for it. Think of it this way, when you search on Google for a result, do you usually go past the first few pages? Exactly!

SEO is extremely time-consuming BUT putting up quality content (Blog) and making sure you add descriptions, tags and keywords to all your posts will make sure you at least are doing the baseline amount to get your business found.

2. Pay per click (PPC)

Here’s the basics of PPC: you pay a fixed price for every click-through your ad gets in Google’s search results. The idea is to figure out the right combination of keywords, placement and conversation to minimize your total spending. Some keywords will always cost more and depending on your business, you may be stuck with high cost. It’s an evil we all hate.

3. Facebook ads

According to a study from Nielsen, 68 percent of Facebook users are more likely to remember seeing an ad with social context than without. You’re merely piggybacking off of Facebook’s traffic and usage to your own gains. Our own experience with Facebook has been a mixed bag but of course, with so many options in picking demographics, different likes and ages, it’s always going to be more of a challenge to isolate your key demo. It’s a good problem to have.

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