Orlando Internet and Web Development: 3 Reasons You Should Pick Us

by Joey Santos
Posted on February 8, 2013

Developing your business website is more than pretty pictures and wonder content; it has to actually function. Whether you’re looking for an Orlando e-commerce website or develop a backend for your sales agents, we know what it takes to not only develop but to delivery.

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Pictured: Mr. Wooferson Johnson, head of our sales department.

1. We Listen

It sounds simple, but most firms don’t. You know your business better than anyone and because of that, it only makes sense for us to thoroughly listen to your concerns, wants, needs, must-haves and would-be-cools, and make you the best website possible. When we sit down with you for the first time, we jot down notes to help us build a direction for the project. We do wire frame sketches with YOU do show you our immediate ideas. We keep you posted on project progression to give you a proper timeline for completion. We listen therefore we succeed.

2. We Complete

It may sound simple, but most firms don’t seem to know how to meet deadlines. As a business owner, there is nothing more frustrating to see than an email saying that the project will be delayed. We love (maybe a little strong!) deadlines so much that we have it plastered in our office. It’s not that we’re super workaholics, even though we do seem to stretch our little programmer fingers into the night chomping away at our projects. Bottom line, you want your project done right, on-time, send it to us.

3. We Keep Working For You

What does that even mean? Well, simply put, we work with you after the project is done. If you need a change on the website at 2am, we’re there for you. (Please try to keep it after 8am, we rarely sleep as it is!) We love what we do. Doing e-commerce sites is exciting to us. Seeing your business succeed online gives us the warm fuzzes inside. You’ll know our staff by name and we welcome you to our office anytime.

Call us! E-mail us! Let’s create something awesome!

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