Picking an Orlando Web Design Company

by Joey Santos
Posted on January 14, 2013

sketch sample1 Picking an Orlando Web Design CompanyHow much does your web design firm do for your dollars?

You’ve searched Google, you’ve asked friends and you’ve even looked at possibly buying a basic site through the weird guy at the office who doesn’t shower. You know the guy…(We all know this guy…) but the one thing you can’t seem to find out is, what is a fair price for a website and what’s the difference between all these other guys? While we’d love to be partial, we’ll give you a few tips to help YOU, pick the right web designer in Orlando, Florida.

Professional – The first conversation you have with any web designer or salesperson, should answer all of your questions and ease your mind on all that confusing stuff. So, what do we mean by “Professional”? We mean that you’re talking to someone who sounds like they appreciate you and your business. You’re a potential customer; You should be their priority.

Skilled - So they were professional on the phone and inperson and you’re feeling good about them being legit. That’s great but at this point, you need to see what they can do for you. Everything you do or your business does, leaves an impression. Is it a good one? Is it a bad one?For most, their website says, “I don’t care that it’s not great, as long as you call”. Terrible state of mind considering most sales for new business will be leads from their website. Making sure you have someone providing you with the BEST value and BEST end result, will pay dividends for your business.

Customer Service - You can easily find someone who fits the top criteria but can you find someone who is there for you, at 2AM when your website is down and you have a presentation at 6AM? We know that may seem extreme but think about it for a second. How important is it to you that your problems get fixed in a timely manner? Don’t hire a flake. A good indicator of this will be doing the initial web design process. How fast do they respond to you and how fast do they do your changes?

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