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Talking to your customers is easy … getting them to talk back is the hard part.

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.” – Jack Welch

social media orlando SEO Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

Social Media Made Easy

Every business owner you know has ventured into the realm of social media. Have you? Obviously, for those who’ve never “tweeted” or “liked,” you probably don’t totally get the point. Do customers just complain, or do they also express delight? Let’s dig into that.

Hey Orlando, Got Social Media?

Getting your Orlando business found on Twitter and, more so, getting customers from it, isn’t easy. Anyone possesses the skills to do it, but to do it right takes seasoned pros. (Who’s heard the jokes about posting about what you’re eating a million times?!)

Facebook, We Hardly Knew Ye

Facebook is about the same as Twitter, but the point of social media is to get your customers to do the legwork, not the other way around. Let them express the positives (and negatives) about your business. They can share your page and products with their friends, recommend it or even post quick tidbits about how wonderful you are! It’s a big, mean machine that needs a little love to get going. But once it’s rolling, you’ll see INCREASE SALES through these free ad mediums.

Having Success in Local Social Media

As much as we love it, we know that social media isn’t for everyone. You absolutely need it, but it can’t be your only marketing outlet. You draw customers, largely, from a good website. And if we take care of that part for you, it’ll soon will start generating customers like craazzyy.

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