Snapchat Hacked — How to See If You’re Ok!

by Joey Santos
Posted on January 2, 2014

snapchat Snapchat Hacked — How to See If Youre Ok!

Recently hackers posted a database of over 4.6 million Snapchat usernames and phone numbers online. While the database was taken down within a few hours, it still can be troublesome to users who don’t know if they’re info is safe or know exactly what was leaked. Is it your pictures? Is it your phone number? Here’s what we know:

Most of you are worried about your pictures. Your pictures are safe. Well, sorta. Truly we don’t know what the company does with the pictures but we do know that none of the temporary pictures taken are able to accessed by anyone else — these jerk hackers included. So, they’re safe.

First, to see if your phone number or Snapchat user name was leaked, you can use this site.

Realistically, there isn’t much that the hackers who’ve acquired your information can do with just your phone number and/or Snapchat name. It’s just stinky and weird.

Snapchat is an incredibly popular phone app used by many. Most recently you’ll recall there was a bit of rumors that they were to be bought out by Facebook or Google.

Basically Snapchat allows you to send random pictures that will appear to friends for mere seconds then disappear without a trace. The attraction is that you can send anything without fear of it being saved. (You can screenshot but it will alert the sender of it! Plus it’s bad etiquette!)

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