Strategies to Improve Your LinkedIn for 2014

by Joey Santos
Posted on January 14, 2014

LinkedIn Image Strategies to Improve Your LinkedIn for 2014

For the uninitiated, LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool that connects users with companies, individuals and products. While it’s usage and user base continue to grow, it’s hard to find solid resources online for proper usage. Should you be primarily looking to network? Should you fluff your individual page in the hopes of being noticed or should you take a more aggressive stance to reach out to companies. Let’s go over a few tactics, techniques and strategies to get your business (and YOU) generating success on LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn profile
If you’re looking for a new job, connection or just enhancing your network, making your profile highly visible is a must. LinkedIn is one of the most effective social platforms to manage your online reputation. Google definitely loves itself some LinkedIn and why not? Is there a better way to create a highly trusted profile based around your skill-set and business?

Your Tagline
Your tagline needs to be memorable. Look at a few of the people in your current network: Do any of them have a unique tagline? Would you do business with them? Having an eye-catching tagline that also uses relevant keywords is hugely important.

Summary, Experience, and Skills
Don’t just put companies you’ve worked for. Put anything connection you’ve had or managed. Did you do consulting work for a company? That deserves a nod! Don’t be afraid to be overly thorough. Make sure that all the dates are accurate and job descriptions include accomplishments.

Part 2 coming January 17th!

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