Website Redesign in Orlando Florida

by Joey Santos
Posted on February 7, 2013

Is your website converting? That’s the simple answer to the question, “Should I redesign my website?”. Your website is more than just contact information, it’s a sales pitch. It’s a platform in which you can draw more leads to your company and convert new customers. So, does your website need a redo? Here’s 3 reasons why you may need to have your website redesigned:

1. Your website draws ZERO traffic

Your website shouldn’t exist for the mere purpose of existing. It should draw ready-to-buy consumers from Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter. Those consumers arriving at your website should feel comfortable in your business and brand to then proceed to purchase your services/products.

2. It looks terrible

Obviously beauty is the eye of the beholder but when your website looks like a crayon box spilled over and created a jumbled mess of a site, you know you need to rethink. Having your website look and feel up-to-date makes consumers feel comfortable in the fact that your business values keeping up with trends.

3. You don’t know where it’s hosted

confused man 199x300 Website Redesign in Orlando Florida
My cousin’s brother’s mother’s dermatologist told me the files were on a disk somewhere.

We see this one a lot…A LOT. You had someone make you a website; could be a friend of a friend or a co-worker who moonlights in coding. Either way, you don’t know where your website files are, so making any updates to the website is impossible. Zap Avenue provides you with all your files, at completion of website. You paid for your files, you deserve to have them.

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